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Are you an Online Shopping Fan like me!? Do you love ETSY, or do you enjoy visiting the local boutique? How many times have you hosted a home party for your friend that's a direct seller for your favorite products?


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What about selling your products?

Most of us including myself, feel awkward about selling our own stuff! And selling products can be frustrating and hard. Whether it's setting up at a craft fair, scheduling home parties, or networking at events. Some of us even spend time and money on Facebook Ads and Marketing. The truth is: we are left stressed and disappointed with little or no sales!

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I want to sell my product LIVE on Real Women Shopping!

The mission is simple: Women Helping Women, that is key. Together we can become "Brand Evangelists" for each other!

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Women supporting Women

All you need is a "Story"...

.... and of course a PRODUCT!


is a community of women business owners from around the globe whose mission is to use the power of LIVE video to grow their community, gain confidence and clients!

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This channel is where all the action will take place. Real Women,  offering IGTV (Deals) in the form of products and services.



Face it, we love watching videos..especially before we make a purchase.  It makes buying and selling even more fun! 

You'll star on a special segment, as well as tuning in to watch while others sell.

Women supporting women is what makes our business successful.

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