Sandra's Favorite Things

Here I am "LIVE" in action giving a demo and story about my Favorite Things! 

Watch out, Oprah!

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EVERYTHING LISTED IS CLICKABLE BELOW! is my favorite software platform to use when I go LIVE!



 I am an affiliate of Ecamm! It's for Mac Only and one-time purchase.


 I am an ambassador of Wave Video, and love to make fun and creative videos! is gold! It saves so much time!


 I love Appear for meet-ups, best part it's easy to use!


 My favorite tool to create EVERYTHING!


 A great way to add "real estate" to your Instagram, adding all your links!


 Love this easy way to record demos, meet-ups and more!


 Great way to create something affordable.


These are the go-to guys for producing my Alexa Flash Briefing!

I am an affiliate:)


 My favorite FREE recording source.


 Get organized-My favorite tool is Trello!


 I meditate every day, by far my favorite app ever! FREE


Get organized and go paperless. This is a paid app and works great with Apple Pencil and I pad Pro! 


 Best app to produce creative and easy videos. I use this to create my IGTV content!



 Here is my Amazon Affiliate Links, thanks for giving me credit for your purchase! I hope you love the product (s) as much as I do!



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