All about Sandra

 Hello Hello LIVElies!  

I am Sandra Centorino, helper, teacher and encourager!

I have been connected to social media for over 10 years on every platform I can think of.

In 2015 I hit the button that says GO LIVE and my life and business received a huge surge, moving everything in a whole new direction, one that I would have never imagined.

I'm just a 50 something-year-old woman in business, not someone you would see on an app called Snapchat!  That's where I started.  The truth is, when I first started posting on Snapchat, I had no audience.  It was a bit terrifying and against the wishes of my two Millennial daughters who told me to stick to Facebook! 

As I told stories, people starting watching and telling their friends about me. I began growing an organic audience of people from around the globe.  Today I call my community the “Livelies."  My live streaming journey has been filled with connections, collaborations, clients, and customers… That's the truth.

I believed a lie for several years. I had always assumed that everyone knew what I knew. I was so wrong.  I had talent and skills that I could have taught others all along. Things I learned and mastered about Live video. Things that helped me grow my charity Say it forward® and my business.  You can have the same success. When we bring our words to life LIVE, we make instant connections and that's where the magic happens!  

 I hope that I can teach, help and encourage you to GO LIVE!


The Story

This is my mantra and has become my story.  "You never know how or when you might touch another life" -Sandra

I help Real Women Go Live!  Teaching and encouraging them to create an online business strategy.  Don’t worry after you hit the Go Live button I will be there to hold your hand every step of the way! 

In early 2000, I officially became a creative entrepreneur for social good.  My best friend Patti told me she had cancer and subsequently lost her hair during treatment.  She hated wearing hats and wigs because they were uncomfortable.  My daughters and I solved her problem by creating a soft head covering for her.  She loved it!   We named our little creation a CUREchief, and it became a symbol of comfort and hope to those with cancer.  This was the beginning of our non-profit, family-run, charity we named The CUREchief Foundation. 

Over the next 12 years, we formed a community of caring people brought together through fabric.   We recruited and trained thousands of volunteers to make the CUREchiefs, and design the special messages of hope cards that were included with each CUREchief package.  After delivering over 500,000 head coverings worldwide the CUREchief foundation ended on a positive note in 2012.


 Positive Disruptions Lead to Social Good

One thing was certain, I found my passion!  I would never stop using both my words and actions to change lives and make the world a more positive place. In 2013 the #Sayitforward movement began. It was similar to the pay it forward practice, but with words. One day, my daughters and I wrote positive messages on cards.  We made face-to-face connections with strangers at a local coffee shop. Sharing these simple notes of encouragement grew into a movement and then into the benefit corporation Say it International.  We began specializing in causing positive disruptions by using social media for social good and helping people in our busy technology-driven world make face-to-face connections.  We created fun and engaging Say it forward® products that people buy and love.  Including cards, Post-its, mugs, and clothing to name a few.  

We also deliver Say it forward ® Workshops at corporations, schools, and civic groups, connecting people face-to-face in a fun interactive event. Leaving them inspired and teaching them how important it is to use the power of positivity every day! 

Visit my site: Say it forward



My Business Came to Life While I Was Busy Serving Others

During all this time of doing good and helping others, I discovered that I loved teaching and inspiring others while using social media.  This had never been part of my plan.  However, over and over again while attending events and networking groups, I would cross paths with people who were feeling socially uneasy, and filled with FEAR!  During these events I found myself teaching them how to solve social media concerns on the spot, even as we were making our way to the parking lot to go home!   More and more often, I would hear them ask “can I pay you to teach me what you know?”  The people I served wanted to hire me!   And as I helped them, they helped me right back!  I discovered talents and gifts I felt compelled to share with the world, especially my knowledge of social media and my love for video.  I’d always assumed that everyone knew what I knew.  My assumptions were totally wrong and there were plenty of people I could help.



In 2015, I expanded my products-based business to include my services.  Today, my clients are located around the globe and include small business owners, speakers, coaches, and teachers.  As the Positivity Practitioner, I listen to what others say.  I help them create what they need to grow an audience that loves them, collaborates with them, hires them and buys from them!  This surge of creativity and development allows my clients to have more eyeballs on their business!  My methods may be simple, affordable, and fun; but don’t let that distract you from my expertise in social strategy.  My remedies for your needs include teaching the powerful and influential platforms using LIVE video!  Partnering with Facebook Live, and Instagram, we will develop fun and profitable strategies to share your brand’s story and influence. The best part is,  we can do it virtually & have a blast!

I never imagined that my name, meaning helper, would come to life in this way. I’m in love with my business and the Real Women Go Live community, and all the opportunities I have to serve. 



Take a look at my Signature Experience called The Real Women Go Live Road Trip!




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