How my Alexa flash briefing has grown my community & biz for FREE!

vlog Jan 25, 2019

Dear LIVElies,                                **Click above & watch my LIVE

Have you ever done anything for an entire year without missing a day? Perhaps exercise, meditation, or journaling? 

For 365 straight days in 2018, I have gone LIVE! ...and to date, I have created over four hundred flash briefing messages that thousands of people around the globe are listening to!

It was early December of 2017 when I found out about something called an Alexa Flash Briefing.  I was curious about how a little device called "Alexa" could take my message and send it to millions of people on a website called Amazon! 

An Alexa Flash Briefing is like a mini-podcast. (10 minutes or less in time). No matter what your talents, gifts or expertise might be, you have a message to deliver, and an audience waiting to listen!

I decided to go all in and broadcast LIVE every day. My Flash Briefing is...

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