How my Alexa flash briefing has grown my community & biz for FREE!


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Have you ever done anything for an entire year without missing a day? Perhaps exercise, meditation, or journaling? 

For 365 straight days in 2018, I have gone LIVE! ...and to date, I have created over four hundred flash briefing messages that thousands of people around the globe are listening to!

It was early December of 2017 when I found out about something called an Alexa Flash Briefing.  I was curious about how a little device called "Alexa" could take my message and send it to millions of people on a website called Amazon! 

An Alexa Flash Briefing is like a mini-podcast. (10 minutes or less in time). No matter what your talents, gifts or expertise might be, you have a message to deliver, and an audience waiting to listen!

I decided to go all in and broadcast LIVE every day. My Flash Briefing is called "A dose of positive energy" below you'll see the description.


Sandra Centorino is the creator of and calls herself the Positivity Practitioner. Sandra wakes every day to cause positive disruptions and helps others do the same. She owns Say it International, a benefit corporation that teaches women in business how to use live video that will help them make connections, collaborations and gain clients for their business. Sandra firmly believes that starting each day with "a dose of positive energy" is key!
A dose of positive energy is a daily surge of mindfulness. A reading, story, and quote that will inspire you to have a mindful day and be the best YOU that you can be!

I have received so many BENEFITS.

Over the course of the year, I have grown my community and gained clients. My Flash Briefing has become a tool to connect women listeners to my FREE Facebook Community and to my website. The benefits of making instant connections, friendships, and even signing up students to my Real Women Go Live Road Trip Experience/Course!

Is this enough to convince you that it's time to use your voice to grow your community and business?  


 I am getting ready to launch The Real Women Go Live Society, a Membership Site community.  We will offer so many things, including the setup and creation of your own Flash Briefing interactively with a group of other women business owners.  This will make sure you stay consistent and accountable and get results! 

To find out when this will launch be sure to get on my list!

"A dose of positive energy" 

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 My flash briefing connected me to three strangers, who I decided to interview LIVE!

Listen to my interview with Kimberly

Listen to my interview with Crystal

Listen to my interview with Hazel


Sandra's Tips and Tools for an Alexa Flash Briefing:

Zencastr-free recording tool

Sound Up-Flash Briefing Host


I hope that you're inspired to go all in and create your own Alexa Flash Briefing!


Peace & Positivity,

xo Sandra


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