"All you have to do is decide to GO, and the hardest part is over"



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The Road Trip


The Road Trip Experience is at your own pace with as little as 15-20 minutes per day.
Access to Sandra Centorino (Me) 
24/7 Daily Motivation via Facebook Messenger
100% Accountability-Access to VIP Facebook Group
Interactive Learning-Daily Adventures/Prompts
3 Scheduled LIVE Zoom Q & A with replays
Your own Customized Personal LIVE Strategy.
Hands on learning of Instagram & Facebook- including Live, Stories, IGTV & more!
Connections, Collaboration and Community of Women Entrepreneurs
LIFE TIME ACCESS to take the Road Trip again with updates!

Pay in FULL & get ONE HOUR with Sandra Centorino.

We will create a LIVE VIDEO Strategy, Brainstorm Ideas, Customize your session.



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"All you've got to do is decide to go, and the hardest part is over."    Tony Wheeler       

The first step is to hit the GO LIVE button. Each part of our Road Trip will boost your confidence tremendously.  No matter what your destination you will be cruising with confidence in the end!

You will learn how to have IMPACT with your video and a winning strategy to success!



"When you shine the light on others, they'll shine the light on you."

Accountability is key. When we're part of a community, we get better together. That's why I created the VIP #RealWomenGoLive Facebook Group!

Throughout the journey we will build and continue to grow our connected community. 




The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have.  The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.  Simon Sinek

Confidence + Community = Clients


Meet Shawna Barnes!


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It's time to GO ALL IN!

Meet Tracy Otsuka creator of Coretography- Student of The Road Trip Experience and member of the MasterLIVE VIP Group.


More students have something to say!

"What a positive and motivating experience! There were three memorable things that I got from the Road Trip Class 1. Constant reminders, video, audio and texting that kept me engaged. 2. The community, friendships and connections I made. 3. I received great technical advice! Watch me on [email protected] as I start to climb using video! "

Deborah Haggett

"Sandra ends up being your best friend, and makes the whole experience fun! The group was connected and supported each other every time someone went live, such camaraderie! The Road Trip experience opened up a whole new world for me, and got me comfortable with learning Instagram live, as I was terrified on day one! Going live is my favorite thing to do now! "

Tracy Otsuka
Founder @ Coretography

"What a great program Sandra has put together! You'll never feel alone on this journey, you feel instantly connected to all of the other women. Sandra has encouraged me with video, audio and written content. The networking alone, has made this all worth it. This experience has helped my non-profit business, professional and personal life! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, I hope you decide to take the course!"

Katie Miller
Liberty Foursquare Church

"My favorite part of the Road Trip Experience was by far the accountability. Morning, noon and night, Sandra Centorino had us moving forward. Both Sandra and the group of women participating gave me feedback on all of my LIVE video. The community and support really made me better. If your thinking "I'll never finish this course" your wrong! Sandra Centorino was empowering and tough. You will not be left behind in this course, you should do it!"

Sandra Scaiano
Web Designer and Brand Strategist

"Life happens, get over your fears and just do it! This was my biggest take away from the Real Women Go Live Road Trip. I learned to just keep going not matter what might get in my way. In the end I became better at what I do! "

Mandy Zelinka
The Zelinka Agency-Personal Branding & Digital Marketing Strategy

"This experience has broken through a wall for me in my business! I especially loved the personal attention I was given, and all of us were, at any time during the course. I loved how Sandra "drove us through" every day, one small step at a time. Connecting to the other women, the networking and powerful partnerships that happened was priceless! I learned that going live doesn't have to be perfect, and it allows me so many possibilities that are out in the universe for me! "

Crystal Edmonds
Wellness Advocate-doTERRA Essential Oils

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